I wanted to create pizza that wasn't just life sustaining food. Simply said, I wanted art. Pizza lends itself so naturally to
this task. It's like a round canvas that can be dressed to fit any occasion. However, food has to first look appealing to the
eyes. Once the task of visually stimulating the potential food connoisseur is completed, the next vital task is enticing the nose.
The perfect balance of fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs and spices must exude aromas that will allow the potential food connoisseur
to indulge in fantasies that expand the realm of visual possibility. Next comes one of the most important aspect of the experience
we call food. For most food connoisseurs, the experience of the palette is the most important aspect of food. The different parts
of the tongue (IE the palette) responsible for picking up different flavors, must be stimulated in a harmonious fashion. Like a
well orchestrated symphony, the variety of flavors must compliment and reinforce one another in order to stimulate, if not all,
most of the palette. Finally, we approach something that is seldom talked about, yet the core purpose of food. Food must not only
please the senses but most importantly, provide us with life sustaining nutrients.

-Khlaed Waleh, Founder
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